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1. 機身材質為SUS304不鏽鋼,外形防護等級(IP41),符合GMP標準。

The material of the fuselage is SUS304 stainless steel, the appearance protection grade (IP41), conform to the GMP standard.

2. 感應器升降裝置加入滾珠滑動軸承設計,調節瓶體封口高度輕鬆不費力。

It is easy to adjust the seal of the bottle body with the design of the ball sliding bearing with the inductor lifting device.

3. 運用抗磁幹擾結構設計,解決電磁波對相鄰設備工作頻率幹擾問題。

The use of EMI electromagnetic interference structure design, solve the electromagnetic wave to the adjacent frequency interference device.

4. 全封閉式模塊電路,防護性能可靠,故障低,大幅延長設備使用壽命。

Full closed module circuit, reliable protection performance, low failure, greatly prolong the service life of the equipment.

5. 功率輸出大小可調,準確控製不同瓶口直徑需要的磁熱強度。
乐乐电影网專利感應器ZL 201520800479.7封口範圍廣,可調式功率讓封口更節能。

The power output is adjustable, and the magnetic and thermal strength required for the diameter of the bottle mouth is accurately controlled.

6. 內置穩壓電源,電網波動時功率恒定補償。

Built-in steady voltage power supply, power constant compensation when power grid fluctuates.

SR-2000A is a wind cooling and high-power electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine, which is specially used for bottle packaging and sealing of condiments, pharmaceuticals, chemical preparations and other products. It is satisfied with the continuous sealing requirements of the modern high speed production line. It has advanced function and simple operation. It can adjust power for the characteristics of different filling materials to achieve a strong and beautiful product sealing purpose.

工作電壓/頻率 220V  50/60Hz
Electricity power

輸出功率 2000Wmax
Max power

封口直徑範圍 ≤20毫米(特製)  20-80毫米(常規)  50-110毫米(常規)  ≥120毫米(特製)
Bottle neck diameter

適合瓶體高度 0-390毫米
Bottle height

封口速度 0-200瓶/分鍾(以最快封口有效線速度除以實際瓶體直徑為準)
Sealing speed